You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon.



I see 2007 and think “oh 3 years ago” and then it hits me that it was 7 fucking years ago


’Cause they say that kind of situation, things slow down. That’s crap. They speed up. Adrenaline. It’ll cripple you if you let it. You need to use your instinct. Gotta rule it out. Because somebody’s gonna die. You better hope that you’re the one that’s making that decision.


"nah it works just don’t touch it"


You bond with your c a p t o r, you survive. 


I think you and I are destined to do this forever

Bioshock Infinite - Columbia


inFamous: Second Son

       ”A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart.”

can you re-enact mizumono with just one gif? :)

also- the first time I played as delsin in the arena he said “when did they catch me?” and that’s brilliant

welp, finish First Light. didn’t take as much as I thought it would but it’s pretty cool in the overall.

they could add multiplayer or a pvp arena, just for the kick of it. it would be better than fighting bots trying to pass the 50 million score.